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GE, NCR Lead “Reshoring” Trend


GE GeoSpring™ Hybrid Heater

Faced with rising costs, General Electric moved production of a new energy-efficient hotwater heater halfway around the world – to Kentucky. CP Lab Safety moved manufacturing from China to California to cut costs. Tesla moved final assembly of its battery packs to California to minimize delivery delays to customers.

In a recent blog, I discussed some of the drawbacks of offshoring manufacturing jobs (“Boeing 787 Illustrates The Dangers of Offshoring,”). Today I am writing about a growing trend in manufacturing: “reshoring” jobs back to the United States. Continue reading GE, NCR Lead “Reshoring” Trend

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Illustrates the Dangers of Offshoring

Outsourcing to offshore vendors appears very attractive as a cost saving measure. However, there are inherent dangers that a company must address before committing to an offshore business model, or possibly face costly consequences later. Continue reading Boeing 787 Dreamliner Illustrates the Dangers of Offshoring

Labyrinths, March 2010

  1. Medieval labyrinth: Though the way is long and unclear, stay on the path and you will find the center.
  2. Silicon Valley labyrinth: Yeah, whatever, just get to the point.

(Taken at Sibley Park in Berkeley)


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Hiking in a Post-Industrial Wilderness, October 2009

I hiked the historic Quicksilver Trail in Almaden Quicksilver Park in San Jose in October 2009 . Boy Scout Troop 466 compiled the historical information about this hike as an Eagle project. The trail takes you past the ruins of the first economic boom of San Jose – the New Almaden Quicksilver Mine. Continue reading Hiking in a Post-Industrial Wilderness, October 2009