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My Life in Bands, Part Three

The Night Shift Band (back row: Dana, Phil, Carlos, Odys, David; front row: John, Tiffany, Gayle, Joe)

I love to see people dance while I’m performing on stage. And if they’re cheering and calling for an encore, it’s so gratifying that I almost feel famous. (This is what happens when a shy kid gets a lot of attention.) Cover bands often get that kind of reception, which makes them fun to play with. Over the last several years I have been a full time keyboardist for two popular cover bands that mainly play R&B and pop hits. Continue reading My Life in Bands, Part Three

The Band Life, Part Two: Song Writing in the 90’s

Kerry Thomas & Dana Withers, ’Til 2

I had a chance to work with a very good song writer, bass player, lyricist, and producer named Kerry Thomas. This left handed musician had great feel for grooves and melody.

We met in the 80’s while I was attending San Jose State. He was good friends with Gavin Green, who played guitar in one of my college bands. But it was years later when we began our song writing partnership. Continue reading The Band Life, Part Two: Song Writing in the 90’s

My Life in Bands, Part One

x10-sive Research

Do you ever wish you could play in a live band? Well I’ve been playing in bands since I was 12 years old.  Sometimes I’ve stepped away to pursue a “real life” but I can’t keep away from music. Continue reading My Life in Bands, Part One

Old Dog, New Tricks

Photo by Brian Shamanski

This takes a little bit of back story, so bear with me. During my adolescence  and early twenties, I spent most of my time in Palo Alto, CA, and was constantly skateboarding. Constantly. And as a result, (despite the occasional shin ding, knee scrape, or hip bruise), I was in the best physical shape a person can possibly be in . During this time I was also lucky enough to have met a cadre of some of the sport’s legends. I became pretty good friends with one in particular: Jeff “ffej” Hedges. Continue reading Old Dog, New Tricks